Austrian Airlines Online Check-in

The following provides info about Austrian Airlines Online Check-in. Please proceed to Austrian Airlines site for online check-in by following link. Tyrolean Airways check in here.

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Technology has taken a giant leap in this era and every sector is taking the steps in the ways that could prove profitable to them. The airline industry is the main sector which grabs the most out of it. Unlike earlier days, online services provided by the airlines have made the journey less time consuming and unperturbed for the flyers. After providing online ticketing, online check-in has made the life of flyers more hassle free.

Austrian Airlines online check in

Now you don’t have to wait for hours in long queues holding all the required documents to check-in and get your boarding passes. Rather, you just have to sit on your couch, log on to the internet, reach to the respective site, make a few clicks and you are already checked-in. Get your boarding pass on mobile or take the printout of the same and you are all set to board the airplane !!!
Online check-in can be done through airline sites up to 24 hours in advance of departure and in case you are not carrying any pieces of baggage, you can directly approach to the gate and receive your boarding pass. In case you are carrying baggage, then you will be provided bag dropping zones at the terminal. All the major airlines provide this facility to consumers whether it is a business class or economy class.

In traditional check-in, you need to carry a hard copy of your ticket and other required documents, which are then verified by the respective airline counters and then after verifying the credentials, the employee reserves the seat as per the availability. After the whole procedure, the boarding pass is handed over. While in online check-in, you just need to fill your information on airlines site regarding your name, flight number, departure date and destination. The site will capture all the relevant details and in the end, generate boarding pass which you can print or carry as a soft copy.

Austrian Airlines Online Check-in features

The Austrian Airlines has taken major steps in this field and are remarkably providing online services to the customers for online check in. Some of the features included by Austrian Airlines:
• Online check-in is allowed up to 24 hours prior to the departure of flights and it is available for the flights operated within 1 to 24 hours. For most of the Austrian destinations, the online check-in is available for 47 hours prior to the flight departure.
• Check in is made available for various Austrian flights, details of which are broadly detailed on the website.
• During online check-in, the passengers can check out the seating plan and can easily select their preferred seat if available.
• Austrian Airlines also provide baggage drop off zones for business as well as the economy class at Bag Drop Counters.
• Airlines also offer various additional services including Business class upgrades, lounge access and extra leg-room seats for long and medium haul flights.
• If you want to have a guaranteed seat reservation for a special category then you can navigate through advanced seat reservation facility provided by the airline site.


Web Check-In for myAustrian Flights:

• Enter flight information- Last Name, Booking code or frequent traveler card number.
• Provide flight and passenger information.
• Choose Seat plan according to your preferences.
• Get your Boarding Pass.

Web Check-In for myAustrian Holiday Flights

The holiday flights from Austrian Airlines and Tyrolean Airways are dedicated to leisure travels for individual’s private trips to different occasional trips. Online check-in for this portal is up to 24 hours of the departure of flight and requires first name and surname, date of departure and flight number, departuring and destination airport information. Everything else is same as normal online check-in.
Apart from online check-in, airlines also provide check-in through their mobile app. The Austrian airlines provide myAustrian app through which one can simply check-in and the boarding pass will be stored in the mobile app which can be used even if internet connection is not available.

Austrian Airline Web Check-in Constraints

Online check-in is time-saving and hassles free for both the passengers and airlines but this facility is not available in many scenarios including these:
• You are sharing the flight with a large group, irrespective of friends, family or colleagues.
• Your first flight is a codeshare flight which is not operated by the airlines with which you are trying to check in.
• In case you are in need of special services like a wheelchair or some other medical assistance.
• You have to pass through second screening by TSA ( Transportation Security Administration).
• Mobile boarding passes are available for selected cities, and if your destination is not one of them, you have to carry a print out of boarding passes after online check-in.
• Although online check-in saves a lot of time, it doesn’t give you a leverage of jumping the security gates in the last 10 minutes of departure. You have to manage your timings to reach the terminal without any delay.

Few tips and tricks for online check in Austrian

• Always watch out for time window while doing online check-in: Although the timings are 24 hours in advance and 2 hours from departure time, don’t be too late to check in as sometimes technical problems may arise, may be with your laptop, mobile or with your internet connection.
• Since the airlines often change the scheduled timings of various flights, therefore always double check the flight timings while doing online check-in.
• In case you do not have the option to print your boarding pass, keep a soft copy with you in your phone or pen drive because you might not get a shop on your way to the airport but you will surely get a printer at the airport.
• Even if you have checked in online, try to reach the airport 2 hours earlier as you still have to go through the baggage dropping zone in case luggage is there along with other security checks. Therefore, never misunderstand online check-in as a ticket to reach your gate within seconds.